A class 1 cyclone warning is in force in Mauritius.

The weather station of Vacoas has issued a first cyclone bulletin at 4:15 pm this Saturday, February 4, 2017.”The tropical depression that was evolving in the northern neighborhood of Mauritius intensified into a moderate tropical storm this afternoon and was named Carlos by the Mauritius Meteorological Service,” said the weather station.At 4 pm, moderate tropical storm Carlos was centered in latitude 16.5 degrees South and longitude 56.6 degrees East, at a distance of 410 kilometers almost north of Mauritius.Carlos moves in a south-southeast direction at about 10 km / h. On this trajectory, the moderate tropical storm is approaching Mauritius and represents a potential threat to the island, explains the Vacoas station in a statement.The station of Vacoas asks the public to take all the preliminary precautions.”The weather will remain cloudy overcast with scattered showers. The showers will be moderate to severe at times accompanied by thunderstorms especially in the north and on the central plateau. There will be accumulations of water and floods in rivers and other rivers. The public is advised not to venture into these high-risk areas. Pockets of fog will be present reducing visibility. The road users are asked to be very careful, “warns the station of Vacoas.Gusts of the order of 60 km / h are expected. The sea will become large with northern waves. Sea excursions are strongly discouraged. The next cyclone bulletin will be issued at 10 pm on Saturday.





Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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