Chief Judge Kheshoe Parsad Matadeen and Judge Asraf Caunhye rejected on Friday (February 3rd) the complaint of the Patriotic Front Rodrigo (RPF) challenging the decision of the electoral commission to reject the list of candidates of this party on the sidelines of the regional elections that will take place In Rodrigues on 12 February 2017.

For Chief Justice Kheshoe Parsad Matadeen and Judge Asraf Caunhye, proportional representation “would be distorted if parties are allowed to contest the party list and not the local elections”.The RPF, led by Johnson Roussety, had filed this action in court after its list of candidates for proportional representation was rejected by the electoral commissioner on 26 January.Mr. Luchmyparsad Aujayeb, Acting Assistant Solicitor General, Sir Hamid Moollan QC and Mr. Anwar Moollan SC, representing the Electoral Supervisory Commission (ESC), asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the RPF complaint because ” Candidate for regional elections “. They argued that a party must align candidates in these elections to be eligible for the proportional representation system.


from http://topfmradio.mu/index.php/2017/02/03/elections-regionales-la-cour-supreme-rejette-la-demande-du-fpr/

From https://viralnews1.tumblr.com/post/156752235591


Author: Arielle Bria

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