The Law & Order is one of the priorities of the new Prime Minister. In his address to the nation on Monday night, Pravind Jugnauth announced that he will be uncompromising. Several actions will be taken to enhance security.A restructuring of the police for increased security. This is the key word in the Prime Minister’s Office this week. A whole plan of reorganization in terms of infrastructure, mode of operation and training with the use of advanced technologies will be implemented.Increased security means less violence and less robbery. According to his entourage, the new prime minister, Pravind Jugnauth, is determined to give the necessary means to the police force to achieve this objective. Moreover, in the 2016-17 Budget, he had outlined his determination through a series of measures. The government intends to present new projects. A central database will be created to list criminals.It will be available online at all times to the police and all other approved institutions such as the Passport and Immigration Bureau. An electronic register of persons convicted of pedophilia and those involved in offenses of child prostitution will be compiled. The electronic surveillance bracelet will be introduced for certain types of suspects released on bail in order to better manage the situation in prisons.The Central Barracks indicate that these projects will be of great help to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) in their day-to-day work. “Through these measures, it will be easier to track down criminals, pedophiles and anyone filed as dangerous. Criminal cases can be clarified more quickly. Already, with the means at our disposal, most cases are elucidated within a reasonable time, “says a senior police officer.Fight against drugsPravind Jugnauth intends to intensify the fight against drug trafficking by tightening the net as much as possible. ADSU, the airport and the port will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to detect and deter any attempt to introduce drugs into Mauritius. The government hopes to make a remarkable breakthrough in the fight against the drug mafia through its Commission of Inquiry.Since the traffickers use the seaway more to introduce drugs into Mauritius, the government will speed up the construction of a headquarters of the National Coast Guard feet in the water at the cost of Rs 2 billion. This NCG HQ is located in Fort William. It will be an ‘Integrated Development Project’ comprising an administrative building, a ‘Repair Yard’ and a flotilla. In the 2016-17 Budget Pravind Jugnauth had made provision for SR 19.6 million for the design and preparation of tender documents.Police academyPravind Jugnauth, who plans to focus on training, will accelerate the project to create a police academy to provide continuous training at all levels of the police force. The Mauritius Police Training Academy will be located in Côte d’Or on a 25-hectare site at a cost of Rs 900 million. Some 21,000 square meters will be reserved for an administrative building, a training center and a residential block, among others. And a space of some 46,000 square meters will be used for sports activities.”Iron discipline will be an important part of the ongoing training of police officers of all ranks. The new Prime Minister is straddling the discipline. He wants a police force in which the population has confidence, “confides a senior police officer. For a while, the image of the police force has been tainted by “black sheep involved in drug trafficking and other illegal activities. “The government intends to encourage graduates to join the police force “through salary supplements based on their performance and results. In addition, he plans to use the law enforcement, administrative, investigative, computer technology and management skills in the police force. To this end, a number of positions on the basis of a fixed contract will be offered to experienced professionals who wish to participate in the development of the police force.Contravention: 47% increase in 2016Police reported 18 311 accidents (provisional) in 2016, compared to 28 476 in 2015, a decrease of 36%. However, the number of fatal accidents is rising from 127 in 2015 to 132 in 2016, as well as the number of deaths on our roads, ie 139 in 2015, as against 144 in 2016. At the same time, 58,363 In 2015, compared to 86,335 in 2016, an increase of 47%. These figures including ‘speed cameras’Crime up 6%The crime rate (Crime & Misdemeanor) has risen considerably since 2000 to 44 for a population of 1,000 in 2008. However, this rate has decreased to stabilize at 33 for a population of 1,000 during the 2012 to 2014 before rising to 35 in 2015. Thus, between 2014 and 2015, the crime rate increased by 6%, attributed in particular to 28% growth in flights and 8% in sexual offenses . CrimeMisdemeanorTraffic ticketDrug offences20055,98839 026110 6353,55920065,83738,862141,6183,85120076,59141,748137,4904,46420086 3442,771120 2154,156News5,89743,098150 3054,144Home5,06540,492171 5043,943Home4,56339,093205,7193,720The4,23135,474225,0643,472Home4,62335 911220 5273,22720144,56836,263235,4563,63120155,70037,658202 1703,468
DrugThe number of drug cases detected in 2016 was 2,395 as against 2,410 in 2015, a slight decrease of 0.6% (Table 1). However, the number of people arrested is increasing from 1,771 in 2015 to 1,863 in 2016 (Table 2). At the same time, the market value of the drugs seized reached a record sum in 2016, Rs 330 million against Rs 246 million in 2015 and Rs 237 million in 2014 (Table 3).Table 1 20152016Cannabis915733Heroin547655Synthetic Cannabinnoids107252Buprenorphine (SUBUTEX)1718Cocaine01Methamphetamine01Sedatives / Tranquilizers7874Hashish617Methadonethirty39Money Laundering24Cultivating Of cannabis accused unknown708598Obstruction03Total24102395 Table 2 20152016Cannabis959765Heroin570673Synthetic Cannabinnoids103258Buprenorphine (Subutex)1718Cocaine01Methamphetamine02Sedatives / Tranquilizers8177Hashish716Methadonethirty39Money Laundering36Cultivating Of cannabis accused unknown00Others18Total17711863 Table 3YearMarket value (Rs)Home158 MThe300 MHome273 M2014237 M2015246 M2016330 MInspector Jaylall Boojhawon: “You have to be uncompromising”Inspector Jaylall Boojhawon, President of the Police Officers Solidarity Union, believes that it is necessary to be “intransigent at all levels” – whether by the police or the courts – to prevent Which sow terror in society. Concerning the fight against drugs, he considers that the police can not be effective to the maximum with a lack of staff and the latest equipment. “There are, on average, about thirty officers of the Adsu in each division.This is largely insufficient if we want to combat this scourge effectively. In addition, traffickers today show great ingenuity in bringing their goods. If we do not get up to speed with the latest equipment and technology, the traffickers will always be one step ahead of us, “he said.In his view, it is important that each police station is home to an Adsu unit and that the port and airport have scanners to identify the mules.
Concerning cases of indiscipline in the police force, Inspector Boojhawon believes that “this evil can be solved only by going to the source of the problem”. “Whatever the field, there are always people who do not honor their profession.The police force does not escape this rule. We admit that there are a handful of members who do not honor the uniform, “concedes our interlocutor. But Inspector Jaylall Boojhawon argues that it must be understood that the 14,000 members of the police force come from different social strata. “The problem starts at the recruitment level, because there was not enough background check. The recruitment of additional psychologists is also a necessity. “It is not normal that there should be only one psychologist for every 14,000 police officers,” he deplores.ASP Tuyau: “We need clear guidelines”To tackle the problem of policing and peace in the country, ASP Hector Tuyau, President of the Police Union, said police commissioner Mario Nobin “must come forward with Clear guidelines that embrace the vision of the new Prime Minister. “Regarding indiscipline, the ASP Tuyau considers that the policemen put to the index do not do honor to the uniform. “It is necessary to treat this evil which eats a small handful of policemen only at the root. For this, the Police Union will bring its stone to the building.We will have to sit around a table to discuss and try to find solutions, “he said. Commenting on the proliferation of drugs in society, ASP Tuyau is of the opinion that the police are fighting “honorable”. He concedes, however, that there is still a long way to go to deal with trafficking and drug use. “We are not discouraged. It is a fierce battle that we are leading and we are confident that the results will fall fairly quickly, “he said.A three-year strategic planIn Central Barracks, we are confident of being able to increase security through the strategic plan 2015/2018, drawn up by police commissioner Mario Nobin. The 5 guidelines for this strategic plan are: (1) improving the quality of life of citizens, (2) improving service delivery, (3) reducing response time, (4) Method of detection; and (5) combating trafficking and drug use.Inspector Shiva Coothen of the Police Press Office (PPO) says the police are moving more towards evidence-based investigative techniques. “The provisional load system is often decried. Hence the decision of the police to be more cautious before lodging an interim charge against a person who has been investigated based more on evidence, scientific evidence and investigative techniques, “He adds.The staff of the Scene of Crime Office (SOCO), he continues, was specially trained for this need. Not to mention the support of specialized units, including the Cybercrime Unit and the Information and Communication Technology Unit to combat cybercrime and financial scams. And with the installation of cameras in the interrogation rooms, Inspector Shiva Coothen believes that this resolves allegations of brutality in order to obtain confessions. “The public will no longer be able to question the veracity and the manner in which the interrogation was conducted,” said the communication officer at the Central Barracks.To combat the scourge of drugs in the country, Inspector Shiva Coothen says the police do not skimp on the means and work tirelessly to put the traffickers out of harm’s way.”Adsu has improved its system to collect information. The brigade works closely with customs, NGOs, relevant ministries and international bodies such as the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations, among others, “he said. The police, reassures the inspector, does not intend to give gifts to the corrupt policemen. “It is true that there are some black sheep in the police force, but 99% of the policemen are honest and do their duty properly,” he said.




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