Sad end for Anooradhadevi Bahadoor.The lifeless body of this resident of Vieux Grand-Port was recovered from a river in Ferney on Friday morning at 6:30. It was a woman who passed by there who made the macabre discovery and alerted the police of Grand- Harbor. The victim, 44, was transported to the morgue at the Victoria Hospital in Candos. The autopsy performed by the forensic pathologist Dr. Shaila Prasad-Jankee attributed the death to asphyxia due to drowning.Dario, Anooradhadevi’s concubine, was arrested by the Mahébourg CID bloodhounds and told the investigators that his companion had left the house on Thursday night. “Mo finn gain diskision with Anooradha. Mo pa kone kiler li finn kit lakaz, vandredi gramatin ki coin win new, “he told the investigators. After his interrogation, he was allowed to leave. Marie-France, the mother-in-law of the victim, said she was saddened. “My daughter-in-law was living with my son for 11 years.She had a penchant for the bottle. Mo finn dir li aret bwar plzir fwa me li pa finn ekoute. Her two children are traumatized. We are all in shock, “she says.

From https://viralnews1.tumblr.com/post/156478234271


Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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