The police put an end to the murder of the alleged thief in the burqa. Shamanaz Samtally and her husband, Zaid Samtally, were arrested by the police during the week. The couple confessed for robbery in a Rose-Hill jewelry store.It is a robbery that has aroused its share of comments on the web. And for good reason, this is a case of theft that is out of the ordinary. A woman wearing a burqa (traditional Islamic clothing covering the body and face of the woman in public) had pointed a jewelry from the Royal Road to Rose Hill on Tuesday, January 10. She had gone there and asked to try gold bracelets, known as”Batanas”. Saying that the bracelet was not her size, she will ask to try others, before escaping with three “batanas” worth Rs 174,000.Since then, the police were on the trail of the thief in burqa. On the basis of specific information, Rose-Hill’s CID, led by Superintendent of Police Monvoisin, arrested Shamanaz and Zaid Samtally. The couple was then taken to the Rose-Hill police station for questioning. The wife was quick to spit the piece.This resident of Bois-Pignolet confessed that on that day, her husband and she had planned to commit several flights in jewelry stores. She will visit two of them where she has not been able to commit her crime. The couple Samtally then sold the stolen jewelry to the manager of a jewelry store in the capital against the sum of Rs 50,000. The police also arrested the lady. Zaid Samtally also confessed.



Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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