A family living on Rue La Comète, at Roches-Brunes, says that she has lived a veritable calvary for years because of a neighbor.

The latter would not hesitate to insult the members of this family and to do them indecent gestures. Las, the latter decided, on Tuesday January 24, to give the police of Camp-Levieux a DVD. It contains videos of surveillance cameras and audio tapes, dating back to 2015, on which one can see and hear a woman uttering insults and making obscene gestures. These videos and soundtracks were forwarded to the IT department of the police for further investigation.

On one of the records dated March 25, 2016, a 37-year-old woman, the mother of a six-year-old child, was seen insulting and assaulting her house. The images also show that a woman did not hesitate to lift her dress inviting the assaulted woman to film her obscene gestures. After her assault, the young mother received care at the hospital. She then lodged a complaint with the police against her neighbor.

Despite this, she would have continued with her insults and intimidations, treating the young woman and her son of all names. In fact, tells the victim, as soon as she hears the door of the garage open, she places herself in front of her door or in the street to chaff a string of insults.

No later than the morning of Saturday, December 17, 2016, she would even have threatened the young woman to send thugs to him to violate her. The police say that the file will soon be complete and that as soon as the report of the IT department is ready, necessary actions will be taken.



Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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