In two to four weeks, the Mauritian snack, the pair of ‘dholl puri’, will sell Re 1 to Rs 2 more expensive.Indeed, producers will revise the price upward due to higher raw material prices.”If a pair of dholl puri is sold at Rs 12 today, the Mauritians will have to pay an additional rupee, Rs 13, for the same pair,” says Sailesh Dewa, director of Dewa and Sons , One of the largest producers of dholl puri in Mauritius.He argues that the decision to increase the price was taken as a result of higher raw material prices such as dry grains and oil. “The prices of these raw materials have already climbed but we have not yet increased the price of dholl puri because we always use the stock available. At the reception of the next cargo, we will apply the new price, “he explains.Sailesh Dewa admits, however, that the increase can not exceed a rupee. “Even in Bagatelle where a pair is Rs 15, it will be sold at Rs 16.” He specifies that in Bagatelle, 300 to 400 pairs of dholl puri are sold every day. He is of the opinion that “this increase will not affect demand”.At Danny Dholl Puri in Quatre-Bornes, the price will increase from Rs 2 pair in two weeks, says director Sweety Lalbahadoor. “Since the beginning of the year, the prices of dry grains and oil have taken the lift. To cover the rising cost of production, we have to revise the price upwards, “she points out. It indicates that a pair of dholl puri, currently selling at Rs 12, will be sold at Rs 14. On average, she says, 1,200 pairs are produced daily.Other products concernedThe same is true of Flavors of Mauritius in Lallmatie. “We produce refrigerated dholl puri which are sold in a bag of ten pairs at Rs 80. With rising raw material prices, we plan to increase the price of a 5% sachet,” says Director Kalyanee Hurry. Other products, such as stuffed hakien, pâtés and rissoles, will cost more. The new prices, she says, will be applied within two weeks.



Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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