Rezistans ek Alternativ believes that the transfer of power between Sir Anerood Jugnauth and Pravind Jugnauth, leader of the MSM, for the post of prime minister is “illegitimate”.The leaders of Rezistans ek Alternativ, in a press conference on Wednesday (January 25th), announce that they will rely on the courts to challenge the appointment of Pravind Jugnauth as prime minister.They say they have already had a series of consultations with their panel of lawyers led by Me Rex Stéphen.According to Jean Yves Chavrimootoo and Kugan Parapen, the powers of the President of the Republic have been “usurped”, and the appointment of Pravind Jugnauth as Prime Minister is “unconstitutional”.It is in this sense that Rezistans ek Alternativ will rely on the Supreme Court to lodge a complaint.For Rezistans ek Alternativ, Sir Anerood Jugnauth should have resigned from the National Assembly before his successor was appointed. However, he occupies a ministerial position in this government, note the leaders of the party.As it is the “peaceful demonstration” of the parties of the parliamentary opposition scheduled for Friday 27 January in protest at the handover of power, members of Rezistans ek Alternativ claim that they disassociate themselves from this approach .They are planning a rally Saturday, February 4. Details of the location and time will be communicated.The departure of Roshi Bhadain was also commented on by Dany Marie, who believes that the former Minister of Good Governance must denounce whether he has evidence instead of using “files” as a “political tool.”



Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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