The data collected will be used to provide accurate information on coastal vulnerability.

Following the evolution of the ocean in real time will soon be possible.The Mauritius Oceanography Institute plans to place sensors in the southwest Indian Ocean region.This project will help navigators, fishermen and policy makers, among others. The Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI) has launched a call for tenders for the acquisition of buoys with transmitters. This equipment will be deployed in the regions of Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros and Mauritius. They will collect data on marine currents, waves and storm swells. These data can be synthesized by software that will make forecasts.Éric Martial, project coordinator at the MOI, says this is an important project for the country. Mauritius and other countries in the Indian Ocean face dangers such as storm swells and tsunamis.This information will be used mainly by policy makers. The software will use the data to provide accurate information on coastal vulnerability. The purpose of this project is to help plan and plan coastal projects, such as coastal protection, tourism projects or licensing.Fishers and sailors will be able to plan the outings at sea and follow the evolution of time. “During the cyclones, the buoys will give us information about the wave regimes. We will know if there are areas to evacuate, “says Éric Martial. It indicates that the buoys will provide an accurate digital map of the waves of the South West Indian Ocean. He added that the meteorological service of the country will benefit.Deployment of buoys will begin in the coming weeks, as the funding program ends in September. The cost of equipment and deployment will be known after the tendering exercise.



Author: Arielle Bria

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