Leader of the Opposition and PMSD Xavier-Luc Duval, in a statement on Radio Plus at 6 pm on Monday, January 23, congratulates former minister Roshi Bhadain who did not attend the swearing-in ceremony Of the government of the new Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.”I congratulate my running mate Roshi Bhadain on this decision. He acts like a true democrat. We will be delighted to have him with us in the Opposition, “says Xavier-Luc Duval.The leader of the Opposition also says that “history will remember that Pravind Jugnauth completely missed his entrance as Prime Minister”.Another observation of Xavier-Luc Duval: “Several ministers obtained certificates of incompetence. They have been transferred. “Roshi Bhadain is not minister of the government of Pravind Jugnauth. His portfolio, Good Governance and Financial Services, no longer exists.Roshi Bhadain, on his Facebook page, explains that “he did not go to the handover ceremony that is not in line with the principles of Good Governance.”Xavier-Luc Duval, Roshi Bhadain and Koomaren Chetty had been voting for No. 18 [Quatre-Bornes-Belle-Rose] under the banner of the Lepep alliance in the legislative elections of 10 December 2010. The first two were elected, That the third deputy of No. 18 is Kavi Ramano of the defunct alliance PTr-MMM.At number 18, a lot has happened since the legislative elections. The PMSD left the government on December 19, 2016, when Kavi Ramano left the MMM to join the Patriotic Movement before deciding to sit as an independent member of the National Assembly.

From https://viralnews1.tumblr.com/post/156265142081


Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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