Majestic Twin Cats

The adorable kittens were picked up by a kind-hearted couple, however they found something unusual about the kittens’ eyes. Courtesy Courtesy Without eyelids to guard and moisten their eyes, vets predicted the twins would go blind within annually.

Veterinarians could save the kitten’s eyesight by using tissue from their lips to produce new eyelids. The entire procedure took over 8 hours, but now both kittens are doing just fine.

They ’re merely the cats that are finest. They’re playful, warm and adventurous.” – Patrick Jones

They were awaiting adoption in the RSPCA Blue Mountains Shelter, but both cats found their forever homes, as of a couple weeks ago!
I wish I was this handsome



Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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