Manchester United détrône le Real Madrid et devient le club le plus riche

The Mancunians made their first appearance in the top 5 of the standings, doped by their qualification in the semifinals of the Champions League last year.Paris Saint-Germain, 4th last season, moves back to 6th place.
In all, the twenty richest clubs in the world totaled 7.4 billion euros in revenues last season, up 12.6% from the previous year’s 6.6 billion.The ranking illustrates the financial strength of the Premier League as Spain won the last three leagues of the champions: eight English clubs emerge in the Top 20, including Leicester (20th), surprise winner of the championship Last season (EUR 172.1 million). These eight clubs alone accounted for € 3.2 billion in revenue, or 43% of the total.The Italian clubs continue to go down in the ranking with four clubs in the Top 20 – the first of them, Juventus arriving in the 10th rank – with the prospect that there is only one left , Deloitte believes.”I think it reflects the situation in Italy,” said Tim Bridge, consultant. This reflects the inability to generate new revenues both commercially and on match days, the old-fashioned stadiums being one of the problems. “Ranking of the richest clubs for the 2015/16 season according to Deloitte:1. Manchester United (ENG) EUR 689m (+2)2. FC Barcelona (ESP) 620.2 (=)3. Real Madrid (ESP) 620.1 (-2)4. Bayern Munich (GER) 591 (+1)5. Manchester City (ENG) 524.9 (+1)6. Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) 520.9 (-2)7. Arsenal (ENG) 468.5 (=)8. Chelsea (ENG) 447.4 (=)9. Liverpool (ENG) 403.8 (=)10. Juventus (ITA) 341.1 (=)



Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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