Ils avaient toute la vie devant eux..

ça donne envie de dire à nos proches qu’on les aime

Life can be very cruel. We have a new proof of this history. Brandon Forseth lost her girlfriend in a car accident just before the last Christmas.

Kylee Bruce was 24 years old and was driving on an Oregon road at the time of the accident, only five days before Christmas. The two Americans, more enamored than ever, were preparing to celebrate the holidays and especially to announce to their relatives a great news.

The young couple was indeed expecting their first child. Kylee was 18 weeks pregnant and was waiting impatiently for the 20th week of pregnancy to announce it to everyone. They decided to do it with a funny video they were preparing.

But, two weeks before the announcement, the young woman was mown, leaving Brandon totally shocked.


The young man, devastated by the news, decided to pay tribute to his girlfriend on Facebook by dedicating her and their baby a marvel tribune that we translate below.

“You made me promise not to announce the birth of our baby until after 20 weeks, when we knew her sex. We had planned to make a funny ad video and share it with everyone.

You were 18 weeks pregnant with my first child, the love and excitement I felt was the strongest thing I had ever felt.

Listen to the beating of his heart for the first time, rave about the ultrasound photos on the fridge while seeing life develop in you. I was so anxious to become a dad and I felt so lucky, every day, whether by your side, with you as Mom.

I could not help myself and I revealed the secret to several family members and close friends. You always said “Brandon!” You do not know how to keep a secret! And I smiled and replied that I was sorry, that I was too excited.

You would have been the perfect mom Ky. You made me so happy. You were my future … Everything I did, working hard, every decision I made, had only goals you and your happiness.

I’m sorry to break my promise now and tell her some before, but I was so proud of you, and I wanted everyone to know how happy you were to wait for this child, How you care about her health, and how, every week, you hurriedly connected and told me things like “our baby is the size of a grape” now or “is it That you know that our baby already has eyelids? ”

I could feel the warmth and purpose that this child gave you, and I knew that I had to become the best of men for both of you, so that you would be happy and safe. Unfortunately, I could not keep you safe last night.

I should have accompanied you to Bend as you had asked me … I should not have been so tired, maybe things would have been different. How can the world be so twisted and cruel to make such innocent and beautiful souls disappear as yours instead of mine? I would exchange our seats in a second.

I promise to remain the man you fell in love with, I promise to do something fantastic about the life I have left, I promise to make you proud of me, I promise never to start again Believe that something is acquired and I promise to say I love you to those who matter to me as often as possible.

I wish I had told you so last night before you left, but in the depths of my heart I know you knew it. “

“This Christmas was going to be the best of all time. I am currently watching the first Christmas tree I had in my house for years, a tree that you and I found and cut together. At the bottom of the tree there are gifts from you, for me. Beautifully packed with a pretty bow.

There is none for you because I had not packed them yet … I procrastinated as always … but Ky, I want you to know that I had offered you things you would have liked.

I know you scolded me because I was trying to open my gifts early because I’m so bad to keep secrets, but I want you to know a little bit before this year.

I had offered you a vanity case, so that finally you have a little more room for your makeup instead of sharing with me the tiny mirror of the bathroom all the hands, full of books since you love to read, a Thermos for the soup so that you can carry warm meals to your new job at the kindergarten of Bend for which you were so excited, this bonnet Eddie Bauer that went perfectly with your scarf, a special camouflage for you to That we can go hunting together next year and sweaters for you to be warm …

I can always pack them if you want Ky. We lived together for a short time but my house is filled with your energy and warmth, it still feels your scented candles, my wardrobe is filled with your clothes, your cloak hangs close The front door and your shoes are on the right side, where you left them last night, but everything seems so empty without you. “

“I miss you so much Ky. I’ve always been able to fix things and solve the problems of others but I do not know how to do it from now on. I feel so alone.

I’m waiting for you to cross the threshold. I love you so much Kylee, I know you will be the best mum in paradise for our little baby when he / she is born in June. I would really like to see his little boiled just once. I know he would have been beautiful, like his mom. Merry Christmas my heart, I promise not to open my gifts before Christmas morning.

Rest in peace Kylee Bruce,

Rest in peace Braylee or Talon, papa loves you so hard. “

This tragic story is an opportunity for all of us to remember the dear ones who have left us. But also to think about those around us. Tell them you love them, cherish the moments you share.



Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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