Aerial view of the lands of several families acquired by the State in 2011.

Several families are dissatisfied that the State, which has forcibly taken their land from them, does not want to compensate them equitably. They accuse the government of proposing “crumbs” to them while “big sizes” of the region are entitled to “millions”.The Fowdar, Boodhoo and other families’ calamity began in 2011. The government forcibly acquired their land in Petit-Camp, Belle-Terre and Highlands for the construction of the Terre Rouge-Verdun Expressway -Trianon-Valentina.By showing us a map of the region, Kishan Fowdar explains: “This road is Valentina. This leads to Ebony. Here is the roundabout. There is the Bagatelle reservoir. Here, a fragmentation was created following the approach of a government institution and which was approved in 2010. Here, there is the Highland Rose division. I must point out that all of these lands were farmland. “Kishan says that in 2002-03 his father had asked the Municipality of Vacoas-Phoenix to convert his farmland into a piece of land. He submits that his application was dismissed.”When the government acquired our land, we retained the services of a lawyer, Mr. Abbasakoor. He explained that the Compulsory Land Acqusition procedure by the state is an action against which nothing can be done, “says Kishan.”Our problem is that we are about fifteen families to whom the government has proposed, at each one, Rs 600,000 compensation per acre. But in this block, with a total area of ​​five arpents, two families obtained Rs 600,000 per acre, while three others obtained Rs 2.5 million per acre. I can prove it, because I have the necessary documents, “he continues.According to Kishan, the document (Section 8) was issued in 2011. Other families even got Rs 5 million per acre. “The evaluation was done in each case by an officer in the evaluation department. Each officer put forward a different price, “he says.Injunction against StateFor some families, the path passed through their lands that were split in two. Kishan said the families had regrouped and applied for an injunction against the state to protest the acquisition. “The state has revised the alignment and the acquisition has been slightly modified. This was in 2013. An agreement was reached between the two parties and the owners were offered Rs 6.5 million per acre. An interim payment until they finish negotiating on the real value … “”The state has in fact offered them Rs 10 million per acre: Rs 6.5 million for the land and Rs 3.5 million for injurious affection, document certified by the Office of the Attorney General,” Kishan adds.”So to sum up, the state has taken our land without giving us a penny so far. Then access was removed. When we see what the government is paying for compensation, there is a total lack of justice. One family gets 11 times more than another. It has already cashed Rs 10 million in 2013. By contrast, we who spent almost Rs 500,000 per family on lawyers, solicitors, surveyors, planers and other appraisers, Not to mention the administrative costs, we are still waiting for our compensation, “laments our interlocutor.On 20 December 2016, those families who consider themselves wronged by the State have submitted new complaints to Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth, with copies to the Minister of Housing and Lands, Showkutally Soodhun, to Finance Minister Roshi Bhadain at Parliamentary Private Secretary Eddy Boissézon, to the Ombudsman SM Hattea and to the President of the National Human Rights Commission, Dhiraj Seetulsingh.Answer of the Office of the Attorney General in the case of the Bheenick familyWithout Prejudice
Mr Mardemootoo
Senior AttorneyDear Sir,Re: KJ Bheenoick & Ors v / s State of Mauritius & OrsI refer to your letter dated March 28, 2013. In connection with the above case, the valuation department, the assessment of the applicable rate for compensation for Rs 6,500,000 (rupees six million and five hundred thousand) per arpent. (Document dated 2 May 2013 and signed by Mrs. S. Angad, Senior State Attorney).



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