They will have known only one month and eight days of common life, before being separated by death.The young woman lost her life in a tragic road accident on January 9 while on a motorcycle with her husband on the bridge at Rivière-des-Anguilles. Her hijab got caught in the rear wheel of the motorcycle, she fell and had the neck fractured.

“They had known each other for several years. They loved each other and had plans, “says a relative of the young woman. He says that on December 2, the couple had sealed his love by marrying. “The reception was held at the Belle-Vue room. They were happy. “After marriage, 22-year-old Uzma Soogund moved to Tyack from Hawshab Ghaboos, 26, a teacher of her condition. On December 25, another reception took place in honor of the newlyweds. “We were all present once again,” adds our interlocutor. But as the couple took advantage of his new life, misfortune struck.Monday evening, January 9, Uzma and her husband went to a business in Souillac by motorcycle, explains an uncle of the victim. On the way back, around 8 pm, the Uzma hijab got caught in the rear wheel, causing the couple to fall. The young woman found herself under two wheels. The local police and the fire department of St-Aubin were summoned to the scene. The paramedics of the Samu could only note the death of the young woman.As for Hawshab, he was taken to the Rose-Belle hospital for first aid. He was then allowed to leave. He, however, appeared in court in Souillac on Tuesday on a provisional charge of manslaughter. He had to pay a bond of Rs 10,000 to regain parole.The funeral of Uzma took place on Tuesday afternoon. “It’s a tough time for the family. Uzma was a very pious person, “says his uncle. ” It is not easy. We want to mourn in private. For her husband too, it’s difficult, “says the mother of the victim. The autopsy revealed that the young woman died of a broken neck.




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