On December 28, Anisha booked a residence in the east of the island to spend a few days with her family.She was to stay from 3rd to 7th January. She handed a ransom of Rs 10,000 to the manager. However, Anisha says she was disappointed by the events.She claims to have been shocked to see the condition of the rooms of this residence certified “3-star”. She says the sheets were dirty and there were cigarette butts on the floor. As for the pool, the water was untreated. According to Anisha, an employee told her that the lack of hygiene was due to the absence of some maintenance staff.Finally, the young woman preferred to give up spending four days in this residence under such conditions. However, the owner of the premises refused to reimburse him the entirety of his deposit, and only returned one third. What the client strongly contested. As it seemed that she would not reach any compromise with the owner, Anisha decided to file a complaint at the nearest police station.”We are the losers”Contacted by the Xplik or K editor, the manager said that this family “wanted to look for a way out” after probably receiving a more advantageous proposal in his eyes.”The total amount she had to pay us was Rs 28,000. She looked for a pretext to leave. I can assure you that the sheets in our rooms are clean, that there is no problem with the pool. We have a standard to respect and we respect it. Anyone can come and check it, “he insisted.As for the refund of the reservation deposit, the manager declared that according to the clauses of the contract, the retention fee is non-refundable. However, he gave him Rs 3,000. “In the end, we are the losers in this case. Instead of receiving Rs 28,000 of income, we had only Rs 7,000 … “The client says she was shocked at the condition of the rooms and the infrastructure:



Author: Arielle Bria

Hi I am Arielle Bria lives in USA..I like to trend news of Mauritius..

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