Man claims seeing a ghost on top of a Gold Coast driveway

That driveway image outside a burnt-out house was taken in October 2016A Gold Coast paranormal activity expert is convinced the robed figure is a ghostMark McIlroy says the house fire in suburban Highland Park could have stirred it

Stephen Johnson For Daily Mail Australia

08:20 EST, 3 January 2017

08:43 EST, 3 January 2017

A man claims to see an ‘apparition’ at the top of a driveway outside a burnt-out home.

Mark McIlroy is convinced the outline in this photograph taken on the Gold Coast is actually a spirit.

‘It’s definitely a robed figure, definitely an apparition, even when I enlarge the photo,’ Mr McIlroy, a self-confessed ghost hunter, told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Look carefully: Can you see a robed ghost standing at the top of this driveway?

A Queensland bystander took the image on October 19 after a fire destroyed a house in suburban Highland Park.

Mr McIlroy, who uses gadgets to detect spirits, is convinced the dark figure in a robe is a ghost, even though no one died in the house fire 12 days before Halloween.

‘While there wasn’t anyone killed in the fire we don’t know what was there before that house, they can be attached to the land,’ he told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

‘There’s a chance the fire could have stirred it.’

Home renovations or environmental disturbances could trigger paranormal activity, Mr McIlroy said.

He runs a ghost hunting group on the Gold Coast called Paranormal Project.

A dark, robed figure, circled in the picture, appeared in a photograph taken in October of burnt-out house on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast ghost hunter Mark McIlroy uses technology to try and explain paranormal activity

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